Architecture of Threader Threader: A Constraint-based Verifier for Multi-Threaded Programs

By Ashutosh Gupta and Corneliu Popeea and Andrey Rybalchenko

Threader (alias Cream) is a tool that implements Owicki-Gries and Rely-guarantee methods for the compositional verification of multi-threaded programs. Our tool computes the requisite auxiliary assertions automatically using an abstraction and refinement procedure. Our procedure is based on a Horn clause encoding of refinement queries and facilitates the discovery of thread-modular proofs when such proofs exist.[PDF]

Download Threader (x86-32 Linux)


cream [option]* file

Option List:
--threads THREAD:..:THREADlist of function names separated by ':'
--algorithm:monolithicmonolithic verification of safety
--algorithm:owicki-griesOwicki-Gries verification of safety
--algorithm:rely-guaranteerely-guarantee verification of safety (this is the default)
--algorithm:terminationrely-guarantee verification of termination
--data-abstraction-for-environment:on/off(on is the default)
--pc-abstraction-for-environment:on/off(on is the default)
--warrant-modular:on/off(on is the default)
--helpprints available options

Input Syntex

Threader accepts as inputs C program and verifies the safety of assertions or thread-termination properties. Here are three example input files:

Example use

Let's take the following example bakery.simple.c:
int t1=0, t2=0; // N natural-number tickets
int x; // variable to test mutual exclusion

void thr1() {
  while (1) {
    t1 = t2 + 1;
    while( t1 >= t2 && ( t2 > 0 ) ) {}; 
    assert(x <= 0);
    t1 = 0;

void thr2() {
  while (1) {
    t2 = t1 + 1;
    while( t2 >= t1 && ( t1 > 0 ) ) {}; 
    x = 1;
    assert(x >= 1);
    t2 = 0;

The two assertions instrument the mutual exclusion property. We first attempt to prove the assertions using monolithic verification:

        ./cream --threads thr1:thr2 --algorithm:monolithic bakery.simple.c

Very likely the monolithic verification will get stuck during abstract reachability. We can then try rely-guarantee reasoning:

        ./cream --threads thr1:thr2 --algorithm:rely-guarantee bakery.simple.c
Below is shown a part of the command output:
== Iteration 28 ===================================
P[1]:   #15:    t2-t1=< -1, x=<0, t2>=0, t1>=1, t1-t2=< -1, t2=<0, t1=<1, t1>=0, t1-t2=<0, t1=<0, t2>=1, t1>=2, t1-t2>=2, t1-t2=<1, x>=1
P[2]:   #11:    t1-t2=< -1, x>=1, t1=<0, t1-t2>=1, t1>=2, t2>=0, t1>=1, t1>=0, t2>=1, t1-t2>=0, t1-t2=<1
P[1->2]:        #18:    t1'-t2'>=1, t1'-t2'=< -1, t1-t2+t1'>=1, t2-t1'=< -1, t1=<0, t1-t2>=0, x-x'=<0, t2-t2'=<0, t2=<0,
 t1'-t2'>=0, t1-t2-t1'+t2'=<0, x=<0, t1'>=1, t1>=1, t1'=<0, t1-t2=< -1, t1'-t2'=<1, x'>=1
P[2->1]:        #20:    t1=<0, t1'-t2'=< -1, t1-t2>=1, t1-t2=<0, t1-t2=< -1, t1>=2, t1'=<0, t2-t2'>=0, t1-t2>=0, t1'-t2'
>=1, x-x'>=0, t1-t1'=<0, t1'>=1, t1-t2'=< -1, t2-t2'=<0, t1-t1'+t2'=<0, t1-t2=<1, t1'-t2'=<1, x'>=1, x>=1
Abstract reachability computation...
Abstract reachability computation completed in 266 msec.

Program is correct.

Verifying fixpoint...done.
Proof wrote in dot format to file:
Time on total                           :               run 2.58,        wall 4.47 s.
Time on result checking                 :               run 0.19,        wall 0.19 s.
Time on total including result checking:                run 2.77,        wall 4.66 s.

An archive file

An archive file that contains:

Feedback is welcome

Please email feedback and comments to Corneliu.

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