Timeline of Buildings I've Seen

This is a timeline of the buildings that I have seen. It's not exhaustive, rather it lists the most interesting ones.

Year Name Country Links to my photos
-220 Great Wall at Badaling China 1 2
-100 Arenes d'Arles France
-16 Maison Carree, Nimes France
-10 Pont du Gard France
30 Arena di Verona Italy
100 Arena of Nimes France
180 Porta Nigra, Trier Germany
537 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Turkey
881 Bakong, Siem Reap Cambodia 1
900 MySon Vietnam 1 2
1081 Chora Church, Istanbul Turkey
1113 Angkor Wat Cambodia 1 2 3
1190 Qutub Minar, New Delhi India
1200 Sighisoara Citadel Romania
1248 Cologne Cathedral Germany
1345 Notre-Dame de Paris France
1364 Palais des Papes, Avignon France
1420 Temple of Heaven, Beijing China
1420 Forbidden City, Beijing China
1433 Stephansdom, Vienna Austria
1439 Strasbourg Cathedral France
1450 Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Barcelona Spain
1468 Metz Cathedral France
1487 Painted Churches of Moldavia Romania
1525 Frauenkirche, Munich Germany
1570 Fatehpur Sikri India
1573 Agra Fort India
1631 Taj Mahal India
1874 Matthias Church, Budapest Hungary

These are other buildings that I want to see (email me what else you think should be on this list)

Year Name Country
-2600 Mohenjo-daro Pakistan
-2580 Great Pyramid of Giza Egypt
-1600 Karnak Temple Egypt
-1550 Petra Jordan
-1400 Luxor Temple Egypt
-550 Persepolis Iran
-432 Parthenon, Athena Greece
80 Colosseum, Rome Italy
200 Tikal Guatemala
200 Teotihuacan Mexico
800 Borobudur Indonesia
1000 Alcazar of Seville Spain
1500 Machu Picchu, Cuzco Peru

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